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Valdimir Camargo

As recomendações da escola superaram minhas expectativas!

Foi muito gratificante estar em Halifax, as recomendações sobre a escola CLLC superaram todas as minhas expectativas. Pretendo voltar em julho de 2019 para mais 6 semanas!

It was very good to live this experience in Halifax, to live with you made my values grow as a human being . There’s a poem I’ve learned to live by, that says.

Every person who passes through our lives, passes alone, it is because each person is unique and none replaces the other! Every person who goes through our lives passes by himself and does not leave us alone because he leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us. This is the most beautiful responsibility in life and the proof that people do not meet by chance.

The word that best defines this moment is availability. For when we are available, we break with the limits imposed by society, and allow ourselves the encounter, in which we exchange experiences and knowledge. I made my way across the Atlantic and at age 52 I allowed myself to exchange experiences and learn English. Today I leave a little of myself and take with me some of each of you. Thank you very much CLLC for this opportunity !

A você meu agradecimento especial pelo excelente trabalho e atenção da S7 em todos os detalhes.

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